Santalum CandleSantalum Candle

Santalum Candle

Warming Sichuan pepper leads you to rich heart of sandalwood and aromatic cardamom.
Hinoki CandleHinoki Candle

Hinoki Candle

Crushed Japanese cypress needles on wet earth transport you to an ancient forest.
Palo Santo CandlePalo Santo Candle

Palo Santo Candle

Energizing palo santo yet grounded by warm notes of saffron and amber.
Cedar CandleCedar Candle

Cedar Candle

Smoldering smoke and earthy musk create a warm and inviting fragrance.
Fig Tree CandleFig Tree Candle

Fig Tree Candle

Emerging fig leaves and the sun-drenched woodiness of warm bark
Vetyver CandleVetyver Candle

Vetyver Candle

Deep, dark and earthy notes of vetyver, smoke, and tobacco.
Tea Rose CandleTea Rose Candle

Tea Rose Candle

A modern rose with deep notes of oakmoss and oud. Eternally familiar yet lovingly refreshed.
Chai CandleChai Candle

Chai Candle

An aromatic blend of black tea and hot milk infused with cardamom and ginger.
Cotton CandleCotton Candle

Cotton Candle

A clean and crisp scent evoking fresh spring air.
Pomelo CandlePomelo Candle

Pomelo Candle

The pure essence of a citrus orchard. Sunny, sweet, sublime.
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