Santalum Scented Air Freshener Card (2- Pack)

$11.20 $16.00

sandalwood, cardamom, sichuan pepper

Introducing our newest collection of modern scented cards that bring our best selling scents into any space. Perfect for freshening up small spaces such as cars, closets or powder rooms, the cards can be hung freely on door knobs, towel holders, or coat hangers. 

Our best selling Ghost Money candle is now available as a scented freshener card. Santalum is a calm and reflective scent reminiscent of an ancient temple. Warming sichuan pepper leads you to a heart of rich sandalwood and aromatic cardamom, while soft amber provides an eternal glow.

  • 2-Pack includes two Air Freshener Cards
  • Each card is 2.75" x 4"
  • Paperboard card
  • High quality perfume oils
  • Each card is packaged in a box

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